Do you remember when browsers didn’t have tabs?
Do you remember when the only browsers you had to choose from were Netscape and Internet Explorer?
Do you remember when 512Mb of ram was cutting edge?
Do you remember when 19″ CRT monitors were huge and most people had 13″ CRT monitors?
Do you remember when there were no JavaScript libraries?
Do you remember when the tag was not deprecated?

Take a moment and think about the exponential growth of technology. Then take a moment and ask yourself whether or not it is a benefit or a detriment to society. I say it is both a benefit and a detriment to society. I will save you from a long and sensibly obvious explanation as to why I believe what I believe.

I am having my laptop repaired, which is what started my train of thought in ‘remembering when…’. While my laptop is under the knife I am having a 500Gb solid state hard drive installed to replace the 1Tb mechanical hard drive. In years past, it would have been crazy to think that a 7200RPM mechanical drive is a performance bottle neck. But when you consider that the computer is running on 32GB of ram with 1GB video and a quad core i7, it only makes sense. Times have changed, and the exponential increase in technology is both frightening and exciting.

I suppose I will have to place my hope in God that the forthcoming technology is used responsibly. And in the interim, to hope that someone hurry up and develop a matter transport devise, which would lead to the development of food replicators. Seriously, who does not want to eat a rib eye steak with a sweet potato smothered in butter, brown sugar, and marshmallows followed by a slice rich and decadent chocolate cake (or whatever it is that trips your trigger) that is every bit as healthy as steamed broccoli and grilled chicken salad with no dressing? I know do! At that point, obesity will be solved.

Mic dropped…